Disadvantages In A Flood Risk Area

When your house is located in a flood zone area, you have to suffer all the consequences that come with it. Floods may come any time, and you have to be always be prepared for it. One hitch for living in a flood zone is it will affect your flood zone insurance premium.

Insurance companies are becoming hesitant to give insurance policies to houses located on flood risk areas because it can not have escaped every one’s attention that parts of the United Kingdom were severely devastated by floods in 2006 and 2007. This will affect insurance providers too because if everybody suddenly files for a flood insurance claim, either they will have to raise all the insurance premiums or they will close shop before the year ends.

With this, flood insurance providers are appealing to the government to focus their attention in increasing flood defenses especially in the areas worst hit by the recent floods. Most of the standard home insurance policy providers in the UK very rarely include flood damage cover. This is why you have to ensure your homes and your house contents with flood insurance policy.

Faced with millions of pounds worth of flood damage insurance claims due to the recent severe flooding in the UK, do not be surprised if your insurance provider will refuse to renew your current policy when it expires. This is particularly true if you have been a victim of the floods or your house is located in the flood zone.

Insurance firms have a business to run and if you pose as a high risk customer, you can not blame them and they are not obliged to renew your flood insurance policy even though you are an existing policy holder of their company.

If you are lucky your flood insurance provider may renew your policy but even then, do not be surprised if you will be asked to pay a much higher premium since you live in an area hit by the recent flooding. This is one of the disadvantages of living in a flood zone. Even if you want your home and properties covered by flood insurance, the providers will not be welcoming you with open arms.

If you have been a victim of the recent flooding in the UK, and have seen your hard-earned properties and possessions get destroyed before your eyes, calling the flood insurance companies to get a cover policy may not be the wisest move. Your chance of getting one is very remote as the insurance companies are still suffering from the sting of the countless flood damage claims filed before their offices.

There is even the possibility that many of the existing insurance companies may remove flood insurance cover from their standard insurance policies unless the government will do something, like focus on this problem and increases its budget for flood defense. If this happens and the government will not make a move, those living in the flood zone or those considered as high risk areas will suffer.