Calculating Flood Zone Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies differ in their rates and quotes but several factors affect the cost of the premiums on your UK flood zone insurance. First of all, you need to specify the level of cover you require. This amount will make quite a large difference to the size of your premiums. You will be asked what kind of cover you require as well as the value of cover. This means that if you want to cover more areas for your insurance policy, expect the cost of your premium to be higher, too.

When you buy an insurance policy, you will be asked to fill in the quotation form with details about you. You need to provide full and correct details and your premiums will be calculated based on the answers to certain questions, depending upon the insurance cover you are applying for. If you do not fill in the forms with the correct information and details, you may find yourself in trouble in the future. Your claims may be hindered or even your insurance policy annulled.

To calculate your flood zone insurance premium, insurance providers will want to know the type of property you have. If your home is not made out of bricks, concrete or stone and the roof out of slate, tile or concrete, then your premiums will rise. Insurance providers will also check the condition of the plumbing, heating and electrics in your house.

They will want to know when the house was built and the number of people who live there. They will also want to know if the house is yours or rented, how many bedrooms are there, if your house had been a victim of previous flooding, and other concerns.

The location of your house is another factor. There is always the likelihood of natural disasters. Insurers will look if there a likelihood of a flood in the area. If there is, the insurer’s risk goes up, and so will your premium costs.

Security in the area is another factor in calculating your premium. The insurance providers will also take the crime rate of your area into consideration. They will want to know about the kind of locks you use, if you have burglar alarms, smoke alarms, and other concerns. The distance of your house to the emergency services like fire stations and police stations will also decrease/increase the cost of your flood insurance premiums.

Most of all, insurance providers will also be requiring you to fill in your occupation and your income because this will give them an idea if you have the capability to pay your premiums. Your age is also taken into account as clients aged 50 years old and above get certain discounts.

There are measures you can take to lower your flood zone insurance costs. Whatever conditions your house is in, tell your insurance provider if there are ways you can lower the insurance risk because your flood insurance premium would go lower, too.